Complete Lawn Renovation

Complete Lawn Renovation

Lawns with Severe problems require a Complete Lawn Renovation. At times it is more practical to completely destroy an existing lawn and start from scratch than to try to salvage a lawn that is made up mostly of weeds and weed grasses.


What is lawn renovation?

Lawn renovation involves killing existing turf and replacing it with new grass without tilling or changing the grade of the lawn. This also provides a good opportunity to add topsoil to any areas that are low or where drainage is poor.

Why renovate a lawn?

You may want to consider renovating a home lawn if:

  • The lawn species or variety is frequently attacked by disease or insects and it has caused the lawn to thin out.
  • The lawn is overtaken by perennial grasses such as dallisgrass or Johnson grass.
  • You want to completely convert from an older and weaker turf species to a new and improved variety.

When is the best time to renovate a lawn?

  • The best time for lawn renovating is late summer to fall. The reason being, perennial weeds and grasses are active during the summer and can be effectively eliminated. Also fall is the best to seed tall fescue which is the top choice of grass for Kentucky.
  • Early spring would be the second best time for seeding. Although you can seed in the spring and the grass will germinate well, you will find that weed competition, heat, drought and disease will make it difficult for spring renovations to survive.

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