Disease Care


  • The most common disease problems that we have are red thread and brown patch diseaseBrown-Patch-DiseaseThese are fungal diseases that exist in every lawn all the time. When the disease is seen is when weather conditions are such that symptoms develop.
  • Red thread is a cool weather disease that appears in the spring when we have a period of heavy rains. Red thread will not kill a lawn and often will disappear with warmer weather.
  • Brown Patch, which is seen as irregular brown spots, is a common warm weather disease of Kentucky lawns. All Kentucky lawns can be affected by Brown Patch. However, this disease is usually destructive only in tall fescue and perennial ryegrass during warm, humid weather. While Brown Patch can temporarily harm a lawn’s appearance, it usually does not cause permanent loss of turf except in plantings less than one-year old.
  • It is important to note that you can not kill or get rid of a fungal disease. However, following proper fertilization, watering and mowing will keep these diseases from destroying your lawn.