Yellow Woodsorrel

Yellow Woodsorrel (difficult to control)

(Oxalis stricta)

Also Known As:Yellow wood sorrel



Yellow woodsorrel, also known as oxalis, is a summer annual, that can be perennial in yellow wood sorrelsome areas. Yellow woodsorrel grows on weak stems that branch at the base and may root at the nodes. The leaves form in groups of three leaflets on long petioles, and are alternate on the stems. Although sometimes mistaken for clover when not in flower, the leaves differ from clover in that they are distinctly heart shaped. The yellow woodsorrel flower is yellow with five petals and occurs in clusters. The seed pods range from ½- to 1-inch in length, have 5 ridges and are pointed. Yellow woodsorrel spreads by seeds which burst from the pods at maturity and may be scatted several feet. Yellow woodsorrel is found throughout the United States.