Watering Tips



  • Water early morning only when humidity and temperatures are high. Watering at night or late in the evening creates a very humid environment and should be avoided. The excessive moisture, combined with high humid summer night temperatures, create conditions optimal for severe disease and insect problems.
  • Water longer and less often. The rule of thumb is an inch of water a week. It is better to accomplish this with just one watering or two at the most. To figure out how to achieve an inch a week, simply purchase a rain gauge and place it in the ground in the area needing watered. Then run the sprinkler or irrigation system until an inch is reached. If for example it takes an hour to get an inch, then run sprinkler for one hour once a week or 30 minutes twice a week preferably on back to back days.
  • Water in treatments with at least a half inch of water the following day if possible. The longer the chemical sets on the leaf of the plant the more the ineffectiveness. Unless the treatment is labeled as a foliar treatment then it must be watered in to be effective.
  • Water only when needed. Over watering is as bad as no water at all, except no water is less expensive. Watering too often or too much (such as running an irrigation system whether the lawn needs it or not) will create a shallow root system and encourage disease, insect and weed problems.