Core Aeration and Over seeding

Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Homeowners often overlook problems associated with soil compaction. Diseases, lawn-core-aerationimproper watering and a lack of fertilizer are often blamed for a lawns decline when the real culprit is compaction. The problem starts when the top 4 inches of the soil become compressed, impeding the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. This stresses the grass plants, making them less able to compete with weeds and slow to recuperate from injury. In time a compacted lawn needs renovation.


Core aeration is also a great method in preparing your lawn for over seeding. The fertilize-600pxsuccess of seed germination depends on seed to soil contact. Core aeration removes soil plugs and drops them evenly across the surface of the lawn, creating an excellent seed bed. Core aeration and over seeding is an excellent method to achieve a thick and healthy lawn.

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